Swatch, Il tempo libero, by Bruno Munari
This was already written in my class blog, but it was my favorite post, which is why I decided to post it here as well.
This is a conversation with my best friend of what we think is the meaning of this watch.

In life, time has been given to you, but time doesn’t exist. Time is an illusion. It is something chimeric but it rules your life in a concrete way. As humans, we think time rules life and this is why we respect time.

This means, that maybe this is the reason why we like to document things, (even this) either writing, taping, taking pictures (forcing us not to forget), it’s because we want to make time rigid, to keep it, to own it. So we cannot fade away, so we won’t disappear.

Maybe the secret of happiness is to embrace impermanence. Impermanence is our only belonging.

This is also a great symbolic watch for more casual people, as they don’t take life so seriously , time stays more liquid for them. Free time is more important than rigid time?

The next product Munari should have created is the alarm clock. An alarm clock called El Rigidor.The alarm clock should be a container with liquid, a liquid that becomes solid when your alarm rings, when you are supposed to apply rigidity in your life, to “your time”. The alarm has an importany symbolic meaning, it is go flag of the contemporary man’s daily qui est débordé à cause du temps.

Ingreen and me