When you are studying or working in the fields you love, or in my particular case, when you live the process of defying curiosity every day through your work, the idea of having your professional life in a portfolio, is scary.

In order to find a job I like, I’m not only competing against talented designers but I don’t have geography on my side, which doesn’t allow me to have a personal meeting with the firms I want to apply. It’s good to work within limitations though, they can be the catalyzer to do things outside boundaries.

This and some other reasons motivate me to do a video-portfolio as in introduction to the traditional PDF one. I wanted to show who I am. To do this in less than 3 minutes can be quite hard, especially when I asked myself the same question, Who am I? or better ‘What do I believe in right now?’ I added the ‘right now’ to every question to narrow down the answers. In the end, the present is the only thing we have. (And impermanence to!)

Finding my constant abilities and showing a part of them through the senses that a small video with projects can provide was one of my present goals.

Thank you so much to a great life team,


Click on the image to see it

And, I’m looking for a job by the way! 🙂