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A whisper of production generates the greatest image. Kenya HaraCover of the book 'The circle' by Bruno Munari

God is a circle whose centre is everywhere but whose circumference is nowhere”. Circle means perfection, cyclicity, superiority of the divinity, but also instability and movement. In nature soap bubbles are spherical and internal trees’ rings are circular. Bruno Munari

Ken Robinson says schools kills creativity

Creativity is everything.

I cannot explain how and how many times the pictures without any particular artistic merit are my favorite ones.

As Ian Bogost said ‘I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs’. Simple as that, completely related it to it.

The Sequence d'Arne Quinze

The Sequence d’Arne Quinze

If two pieces go perfectly together, and then tree and then four, at the end you will have a masterpiece. It was always about the present moment.

L’échange fonctionne, à condition qu’il ne soit pas défini ou programmé.

Sí, Decisiones.

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