At Torino, after the Christmas lunch I read my friend’s beautiful gift,  Il fantastico diario di Antonio Antonelli, architetto. I was immediately amazed by the simplicity of the form of the book, the architect’s biography is fascinating which I can probably summarize  with the quote on the picture. I don’t even know what is so special about the silent of the night but somehow I get attacked by ideas of any project I am currently involved, sometimes I even think it’s not that positive.

As an architect, now as a designer I think there is nothing as exciting as seeing a project come true. It sounds a bit cliché but you really forget about the many nights you didn’t sleep, the huge amounts of psychological pressure  and specially the obsession of thinking about the project even in your dreams, when you finally see it done, alive… tangible. That moment, when your project stops being a hypothesis, nothing matters anymore. By ‘Meraviglie’, I’m not just talking about architecture, but any life dream.

The very same night my friend gave me the perfect tour around the city center and I actually saw, behind the huge amounts of  fog so characteristic of northern Italy, the monumental  Mole, the dream Antonelli had when he was 12 years old,  when he saw air balloons for the first time. The construction took 26 years and it was originally conceived to be a synagogue, it is now the tallest museum in the world, the Muzeo nazionale del Cinema.

La Mole