I love my friend Lara’s work. Not only her job but her vision to do it.

She’s the editor of the art section of designboom, and usually shares with me some of her favorite articles, I always enjoy them. It’s a cool experience to work with her on saturdays, each one doing her own things, filling our cloudy memories with artist’s messages.

I don’t share her articles because designboom is a bit picky with the copyright of the images haha, but I think her taste in art is wonderful, and what she admires is honesty, the willing of sharing the truth. So if you follow designboom, check the author 🙂

A lot of times, we reach the girly love conversations, and I think this project by Yoko Ono it’s a beautiful metaphor of our vision… because you don’t fall in love, you grow in love. To grow is a hard and a extremely brave process, but to find that magical seed… that’s even harder.

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 22.44.07Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 22.44.28 Lara’s full article