After visiting Vondelpark in Amsterdam, my friend and me had a very serious cold attack, so we started walking out from that park. We went into the first the coffee shop we found, the Dolphins coffee shop, one I hardly recommend by the way. My whole trip was a big encounter with artists, true artists, not talkers or sellers but doers, people who cannot stop making. That day wasn’t the exception.
I rarely stop myself from talking to someone who I think is extremely interesting… this time I saw a guy drawing on a sketchbook and we ended up spending the whole day talking at the Dolphins shop, one of the many places he did with his own and bare hands. I was shocked by his transparency and I wrote many of the simple and fascinating things he said, but I can truly associate his life with this documentary. At a certain point, he mentioned that there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop making things, anything… It went truly well for him, but he is aware that it can be both a blessing and a curse. I think there is nothing more beautiful than simple people doing what they love.

This video is the trailer an Oscar-nominated short documentary called Inocente. “I think my life depends on me being an artist”  To read more of the story