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Confessions by Candy Chang

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In India

What people can do with their hands… that’s something I’ve always been fascinated by…

I’ve always wished I had the ability to do simple things as writing with a typography that I like, braid someone’s hair or play those hand clapping games at school. Even if I made tones of exercises on how to write like an architect, I still write like a doctor. I do love to sketch and write though, I love the gradual amount of pressure you can give to the pen and each time you write is a new opportunity to create a different font! So I don’t care if it looks like a kid’s draft if I actually enjoyed creating a line, a circle, a letter, a plan!

I think, even capturing a good picture is a complete body collaboration, where the finger final click plays a vital role.

What you want to do and…

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(a Banksy)

Blur the line between work and play