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Once, I saw a documentary of a guy who used a kyte to take amazing aerial pictures. I still support non-engine tools, however this particular chopper should be my birthday gift.

Saatchi & Saatchi at TEDxSydney

steve mccurryHow not to love India?

all times favorite Steve Mccurry

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So how does a disposable lighter turn into a miniature motorcycle? You’ll need a heavy dose of patience and some nimble fingers! Below is a visual guide that kind of shows you how to make a motorcycle with a lighter, however there is also a very detailed step-by-step video at the end that will walk you through the entire process.

Massive hat tip to the unknown visionary that had the curiosity to take apart a lighter and say, “hey this could be a really cool motorcycle!” Whoever you are, the Sifter salutes you. Enjoy!

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If you can read Chinese, here are some step-by-step instructions that may help…









How to Turn a Lighter into a Motorcycle: Step-by-Step Video




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DSC07414DSC07398DSC07399DSC07403DSC07408Elephants wish humans were more like Mowgli

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This series of ammunition cross-sections was photographed inside a WWII bunker in Switzerland in October of 2012. The entire series consists of 900 specimens. I was originally intrigued by the ambiguous nature of the subject matter. The cross-sections reveal a hidden complexity and beauty of form, which stands in vast contrast to the destructive purpose of the object. It is a representation of the evil and the beautiful, a reflection of the human condition. 

— Sabine Pearlman

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DSC06173 - Copy“I traveled back in time to when I had time to travel”  (quote via hit the record)

I took this picture on the morning of  Pooram Festival, only day of the year where non-hindus were allowed to enter the temple, a 1000 year old temple. When I see old pictures or movies I always try to picture myself exactly in that moment, pushing my head to recreate everything in the past. In India, in Thrissur, you don’t need so much imagination. Officer’s weapons are bamboo sticks. Love it!