Since I live in Milan I’ve been enjoying the visual language of my documentation, combining writing, recording and taking pictures.

I am architect and I come from a third-world country (we’ll reach this mentality country thing later) This background gives me a different perspective of things. I am in love with art, and I am really convinced that architecture or any design major doesn’t come in one can.

I believe in the multiplicity of my profession and how everything is connected.

Art, product design, landscape, urbanism, photography, literature, philosophy, some of my projects, writing itself … and some personal and abstract anecdotes will be part of this blog.

There is something quite relevant I must say: Even though the main language of the blog will be in English, I am currently having a hard time to express myself as I want in only one language. I speak Italian, English, I prefer to read in French, and Spanish is my  beautiful mother thong. I love languages but it gets complicated to express myself in just one. Sorry in advance for the mistakes.

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