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por beba urruelacompartido por Beba Urruela,  actuación incluida.


Cloud project and philosophy, shared by the beautiful and one of the most amazing planets I’ve met in my life, Lara Mickoki.

By the way, the key element to make a great project is enthusiasm. All the rest… talent, multidisciplinary teams, management,  hard work… that is definitely secondary, so if you want to make something that really rocks work with people you like.

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Great Jack Kerouac’s quote.

Interesting concept and website

I would share most of the daily articles I read on Brainpickings or any side project of Maria Popova, but there would be no experience of discovery here. However, Frida and Patti Smith! that is a perfect duet, it was imposible not to post. Besides, Frida’s quote was a meaningful disclosure that I shared with my favorite moleskine… and also, I spent at least 3 months listening to Patti Smith every working design night with one curly and beautiful team-planet.
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Go to the literary jukebox song , side project of Maria Popova

So happy to see a key element of my cloud growing so much. Sharing our philosophies on how to rock life has been a big part of our friendship. These are no longer theories for him, 26’s year old beautiful salvadorian soul and succesful chef Lorenzo Alvarez is making it happen.

L'albero, di Bruno Munari

L’albero, di Bruno Munari

You are the average of the 5 persons you spend most time with.


Progettare architettura vuole anche dire disegnare un posto dove, due amici seduti per terra si raccontano, adagio, le storie de la loro vita.

India 1993, Ettore Sottsass, Foto dal Finestrino.

Nimbus D'Aspremont, 2012

Nimbus D’Aspremont, 2012

Nimbus II, 2012

Nimbus II, 2012

Nimbus Minerva

Nimbus Minerva

A fog machine and an empty room are the tools Berndnaut Smilde needs to create a cloud in an indoor space.

More of his works

How he does it

Building the contemporary man’s planet meant the building of a different way of approaching the design process. Design not as a professional practice but as a way of living.

The thesis project allowed me to bring together, my journey of living and adapting to Milan, the concept of the master’s ‘New Domestic Landscapes’, the media I used to document and a cloud of connected friends. These four things are my present.

The aim was never to build the architecture or container for the living of the contemporary man, but to understand who he is, or who we are. To identify his characteristics, we decided it to see the container and content as one. We became architecture, we became the planet itself.