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Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 17.21.32the nietzsche family circus via


(a Banksy)

Blur the line between work and play

Always inspired by WHOAMI , type room, here are some great experiments, with one of my favorite materials, paper!


Via Kelly Anderson, click to see more

MAX TEMKINPhilo poster by graphic designer Max Temkin

L'albero, di Bruno Munari

L’albero, di Bruno Munari

You are the average of the 5 persons you spend most time with.

I’ve been to very interesting bars in my life, but so far, I think this is one of the best. Sometimes people are really in love with paper and I love it. The only requirement to go here is to have your sketchbook and any material to draw, or sketch or paint, or write… You get some drinks and you produce great things when you get inspired by everybody around you.

DSC04023DSC04025DSC04042DSC04033DSC04028DSC04030DSC04027DSC04045DSC04039PS: There are no erasors in our table. According to Jazmin, one of the best sketchers I’ve ever met, there are not such things as ‘mistakes’, that just doesn’t exist, you just keep going and adapting.

Biscotti, by Matteo Maggiolo

Biscotti, by Matteo Maggiolo

I didn’t like cookies so much when I first came to Italy. This country and its substances have a way to change my appetite in radical ways.

Every  night we get together with Matteo there will be a tantrum of my part asking for biscotti.

This is one of the most beautiful gifts I ever received; a beautiful planet and the best illustrator I know gave it to me last night.

I was very excited with my new object so I took it all around the city to do some errands, I think people really got the fact that I like cookies.

I ended up forgetting the picture on the last bus I took when I came back home. Not a surprise. Patiently, I had to ride the same bus again and again, till I got it back.

Biscotti is a traveller and she’s part of my suitcase crew from now on.


Because I don’t necessarily agree with everything I say. Marc Mcluhan

DSC03575Poster by Divya Thakur, founder of Design Temple. Divya has been several times in Milan, presenting her multi-disciplinary work. This time, I saw some really interesting posters at the Designscape indian exhibit at Triennale. I like her contemporary vision  to give birth to her country’s new visual identity, standing between innovation and tradition. Lots call this movement  barefoot design.