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“Connecting” is an exploration of the future of Interaction Design and User Experience. As the role of software is catapulting forward, Interaction Design is seen to be not only increasing in importance dramatically, but also expected to play a leading role in shaping the coming “Internet of things.” Ultimately, when the digital and physical worlds become one, humans along with technology are potentially on the path to becoming a “super organism” capable of influencing and enabling a broad spectrum of new behaviors in the world.


The world is full of order that doesn’t necessarily deserve our respect. Sometimes there is meaning, justice, and logic present in the way things are, but sometimes there just isn’t. And I think the moment that we realize this is the moment we become creative people. Because it prompts us to mess things up and do something better with the basic pieces of experience. Kelli Anderson

Marshall Mcluhan lecture recorded by ABC Radio National Network on 27 June 1979 in Australia. This is part 1.

The bed-book, six cushions 70x70cm, in various materials

The bed-book, six cushions 70x70cm, in various materials

This is a book for children

a bed if one feels like it

a book one can live in

You can take a nap between its pages

There are little dreams right there

A soft dream about cats

a dream as rough as…

Lots of little dreams

Just lie down on the page of your choice

The diverse materials will prompt you

As when you snooze on the grass, or on

the beach, on a towel, spread on the sand

or on a velvet sofa or on a sheep-skin

The pages can be removed

and laid out as one wishes

The short sentences

can be mixed and matched

into stories

that are different every time

Each book is read (a bed)

but not every bed is a book

with its pages laid out at will on the floor

it creates a story you can touch

and change the way you want it.

Every book is read (a bed)

but this bed is experienced in

a different way every time.

Sweet dreams.

Bruno Munari 1993

As an only child, lego was a big big part of my childhood.

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LEGO Patent Drawing from 1958. Picture source: SwissMiss blog

LEGO Patent Drawing from 1958. Picture source: SwissMiss blog

Perfect design, Lego is timeless.