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La sedia per visite corte

La sedia per visite corte, the chair for brief visits 1945

If her guests are unstimulating, if life seems to be rushing by, if time is pressing, if the need to hurry steals the minutes and the hours… then the seat is slippery, she is shorter than usual, her back higher… This is a chair for briefs visits. Bruno Munari

From Cicci Coco, Arnone and Munari book

From Cicci Coco, an Arnone and Munari book

The greatest obstacle to understand a work of art is trying too hard. Bruno Munari

L'albero, di Bruno Munari

L’albero, di Bruno Munari

You are the average of the 5 persons you spend most time with.

The bed-book, six cushions 70x70cm, in various materials

The bed-book, six cushions 70x70cm, in various materials

This is a book for children

a bed if one feels like it

a book one can live in

You can take a nap between its pages

There are little dreams right there

A soft dream about cats

a dream as rough as…

Lots of little dreams

Just lie down on the page of your choice

The diverse materials will prompt you

As when you snooze on the grass, or on

the beach, on a towel, spread on the sand

or on a velvet sofa or on a sheep-skin

The pages can be removed

and laid out as one wishes

The short sentences

can be mixed and matched

into stories

that are different every time

Each book is read (a bed)

but not every bed is a book

with its pages laid out at will on the floor

it creates a story you can touch

and change the way you want it.

Every book is read (a bed)

but this bed is experienced in

a different way every time.

Sweet dreams.

Bruno Munari 1993

Homage to Calder by Carl Kleiner

Homage to Calder by Carl Kleiner

L’uovo a una forma perfetta benchè sia ha fatto con il culo. Bruno Munari

A whisper of production generates the greatest image. Kenya HaraCover of the book 'The circle' by Bruno Munari

God is a circle whose centre is everywhere but whose circumference is nowhere”. Circle means perfection, cyclicity, superiority of the divinity, but also instability and movement. In nature soap bubbles are spherical and internal trees’ rings are circular. Bruno Munari