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happy to be part of the Photography’s directory project 🙂

and to have the same picture as the cover my first exhibit that I’m shitless nervous about right now:)

Thank you Milanese roofs for the inspiration 🙂

More amo visuals

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Out with the world


por beba urruelacompartido por Beba Urruela,  actuación incluida.


DSC07414DSC07398DSC07399DSC07403DSC07408Elephants wish humans were more like Mowgli

DSC06173 - Copy“I traveled back in time to when I had time to travel”  (quote via hit the record)

I took this picture on the morning of  Pooram Festival, only day of the year where non-hindus were allowed to enter the temple, a 1000 year old temple. When I see old pictures or movies I always try to picture myself exactly in that moment, pushing my head to recreate everything in the past. In India, in Thrissur, you don’t need so much imagination. Officer’s weapons are bamboo sticks. Love it!

In India

What people can do with their hands… that’s something I’ve always been fascinated by…

I’ve always wished I had the ability to do simple things as writing with a typography that I like, braid someone’s hair or play those hand clapping games at school. Even if I made tones of exercises on how to write like an architect, I still write like a doctor. I do love to sketch and write though, I love the gradual amount of pressure you can give to the pen and each time you write is a new opportunity to create a different font! So I don’t care if it looks like a kid’s draft if I actually enjoyed creating a line, a circle, a letter, a plan!

I think, even capturing a good picture is a complete body collaboration, where the finger final click plays a vital role.

What you want to do and…

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Cloud project and philosophy, shared by the beautiful and one of the most amazing planets I’ve met in my life, Lara Mickoki.

By the way, the key element to make a great project is enthusiasm. All the rest… talent, multidisciplinary teams, management,  hard work… that is definitely secondary, so if you want to make something that really rocks work with people you like.

Across all things move the soul

And unique space:

The inner space of the world silently

fly with birds wholly through us

Oh, I who wish to grow, I

look without and it is in me

that the tree grows



If you judge people you have no time to love them. Wandering around Mumbai, I found this Mother Teresa’s message. The simplicity of her love always surprises me.