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“Behavior is the medium.”

“Not space, sorry… we prefer the word place.” Emanuelle Lomello

Interactive workshop and installation based on motion tracking, multimedia projections, 3D effects, fog machine and a dark room, inspired by Anthony McCall’s work.

We used the infrared camera to detect the space occupied by the body. The human body is the only source of heat in this place. The participant can define his space by extending his body. His body is the limit. Sounds suggest transformations.


Photo Andrea Monedero

Photo Andrea Monedero

In April 2012, during Salone del Mobile, I participated in a workshop at MAGA (Museo de Arte contemporaneo Gallarate). In the open space of the museum, we were asked to build an architectural living scale 1:1.  The architects in charge were Daggur Eggertsson, Massimiliano Spadoni, Sami Rintala and Paolo Mestriner, an amazing team of energetic and inspiring architects who helped us during the 10 days of the building process. It was an amazing experience.

More abitare info here and europaconcorsi here.