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happy to be part of the Photography’s directory project 🙂

and to have the same picture as the cover my first exhibit that I’m shitless nervous about right now:)

Thank you Milanese roofs for the inspiration 🙂

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Out with the world



The cover of The Economist magazine is about Italy’s elections…

A SENSE of humour in adversity can be attractive, but it is not always useful. Confronted by the worst recession in their country since the 1930s and the possible implosion of Europe’s single currency, the people of Italy have decided to avoid reality. In this week’s election a quarter of the electorate—a post-war record—did not show up. Of those who did, almost 30% endorsed Silvio Berlusconi, whose ruinous policies as a clownish prime minister are a main cause of Italy’s economic woes. And a further 25% voted for the Five Star Movement, which is led by a genuine comedian, Beppe Grillo. Keep reading

Grazia Toderi

Grazia Toderi

There was something of a Fairy about her, and nothing is more Umbearable, judging by Fairy tales, than living with a Fairy… 1994

Grazia Toderi, Padova 1963

Picture displayed at Galleria d’Italia Museum, Milano

Biscotti, by Matteo Maggiolo

Biscotti, by Matteo Maggiolo

I didn’t like cookies so much when I first came to Italy. This country and its substances have a way to change my appetite in radical ways.

Every  night we get together with Matteo there will be a tantrum of my part asking for biscotti.

This is one of the most beautiful gifts I ever received; a beautiful planet and the best illustrator I know gave it to me last night.

I was very excited with my new object so I took it all around the city to do some errands, I think people really got the fact that I like cookies.

I ended up forgetting the picture on the last bus I took when I came back home. Not a surprise. Patiently, I had to ride the same bus again and again, till I got it back.

Biscotti is a traveller and she’s part of my suitcase crew from now on.

If Milan would be defined in one word it would always be ‘discrete’. Milan is full of interesting and historic places, but most of them are hidden. Even people are quiet, they don’t show how crazy they really are.

Maybe the fact that Milano is so foggy is an accurate metaphor for the city’s personnality.

One of the jewels of Milan is my friend Gianni; he thinks its disappointing when people say Milano has no historic places. Most tourists come to Milan to do shopping… which is really sad because there is so much to see. It’s sad also because I don’t like shopping.

By now I could have written a book with all the things he has shown me. Last time he gave me a short tour of what he calls the city center’s secrets.

I will share the first Milanese secret. It’s situated exactly next to the beautiful church Santo Stefano in Brolo. Its name’s comes from the garden that used to be in front of the church, a ‘broletto’, which means small garden. Santo Stefano has an amazing story to tell as well, but this time I’m writing about what’s next to it.

We visited this peculiar church, called La Chiesa San Bernardino alle Ossa, built on an ancient cemetery. Even its façade is atypical because it looks like a classic building.

Piazza di Santo Stefano in Brolo

Piazza di Santo Stefano in Brolo

Facade of San Bernardino

Facade of San Bernardino

Even if I’m catholic and I come from a country full of weird religious traditions, I’m still shocked by this place because inside the church there is an ‘ossario’, a chapel decorated with human skulls and bones.

Apparently, in 1219 an architect decided it would be a good idea to decorate the whole chapel with skulls and bones from the cemetery. Gianni says all of them are martyrs, which is why people put their petitions inside the skulls.

Gianni explained every detail while I was overwhelmed with this view.






View of Duomo, from the piazza

View of Duomo, from the piazza

DSC03575Poster by Divya Thakur, founder of Design Temple. Divya has been several times in Milan, presenting her multi-disciplinary work. This time, I saw some really interesting posters at the Designscape indian exhibit at Triennale. I like her contemporary vision  to give birth to her country’s new visual identity, standing between innovation and tradition. Lots call this movement  barefoot design.

Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo

‘Nunca sabremos nada si no lo concretamos.’ Andrea Z

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San Pedro La Laguna

San Pedro La Laguna

I live in Milan and today I’m struggling with what I consider a very cold weather.

I was born in a very small and extremely sunny country called El Salvador.

Mostly inspired by Montesquieu, I always discuss how weather influences people’s characters. I think I change in winter, and my smile appears less than usual. I’m writing this because a few minutes ago, a girl from my office came to ask me,  ‘Are you always like this?’, I was a bit impressed when she explained she never have seen someone smiling so much. Contemporary city behaviors, always interesting 🙂