via Wood Porn

via Wood Porn

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A short film part of Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, a project from Icelandic band Sigur Rós.
Songs featured in the film are: Ekki mukk, Valtari, Rembihnutur & Varud from the album Valtari.
Written & Directed by Christian Larson

susan sontag

Susan Sontag

Found this somewhere in BrainPickings, long time ago.

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speech-impediment-470More of Marc Johns Illustrations


Illustration by Lisa Congdon, via her cool blog The Reconstructionists


In India


The diseases are represented by the tissue patterns seen on the microscope. (Beautiful)

What are the main causes of death around the world? 

North America struggles with rising obesity, and this adipose tissue (fat) is more beautiful close up than you would imagine.

Central and South America are represented here by pulmonary tissue (lungs); smoking and respiratory infections are a leading cause of death.

Europe, with its ageing population, suffers greatly from neurodegenerative diseases, including dementia (neurones, brain tissue).

Great swathes of the middle East and central Asia are shown here as cardiac muscle (heart), as these regions are afflicted with rising levels of hypertension and other causes of heart and cardiovascular failure.

The far East and the Pacific look beautiful in pancreatic acinar tissue; its failure causes diabetes, a major problem in this area, frequently described as a diabetes epidemic.

And Africa is made of blood here. The…

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