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Yesterday, we went to Andrea Branzi’s exhibition at Triennale, Le Ceramiche. 14 ceramic works with an anthropological meaning were exhibit.

Branzi expresses how the creating of an object must provide energia di innovazione. This is the function of product design. The problem with contemporary design is the search of a happy ending. According to him, these promises cannot be kept nowadays, in these inverted times.

In this exhibition, Andrea Branzi gives emphasis to the meaning of the material. The artisanal process of ceramic brings us back to the presence of mankind on earth. “Wherever our ancestors have lived they left traces of terracotta in the desserts as well as in the caves” This material is strongly connected to the human universe.

“The issue of materials is real and important, but either technology becomes part of our culture or it should be left to technicians. I think that the real problem lies with the implementation of technological solutions for their aesthetic applications and aesthetics for its “technological” skills…” Andrea Branzi 2012